Journey Throughout The Years

Hey y’all, month of December is about to end… yeah that quick and I just wanted to share my experience throughout the years of Blogging and inspiring people such as you who are probably reading this. I started Blogging since year 2015 and didn’t really expected to be in the point where I am now; to get partnerships with various both International and Local Brands. Well, compared to other Bloggers they earn much more than I do but to be able to get payed by doing something I love is more than what I expected to have before I even started entering this industry. During those days when I was still building up my name and trying to make my own image, there were a lot of ups and downs meaning it wasn’t really easy for me to get my career going. To tell you honestly, I always get intimidated with “BIG” names in the industry such as David Guison but instead of getting that feeling over power me, I took that as a motivation to keep myself going and inspire more people. I personally believe that no matter how large the numbers of your likes, followers, and engagements as long as you have the heart to influence people by building their confidence, trust, and by going out of their own boxes nevertheless, that’s what really matters.

When I first thought to pursue Blogging, I felt anxious of myself because I didn’t knew if I’m an effective Social Media Influencer but at this point of my life, little by little there’s a part of me where I feel like being one because of the warm messages that I’ve been receiving every single day. As what I always say, if you want something in your life you should work hard for it and it will surprise you along the way. If you want to be a Blogger because of the “PERKS” then I don’t think you’re going to be an effective Influencer because people nowadays are getting smarter every single day. They know if a certain person is making a persona to create an outer image of themselves just so they can label themselves as “Blogger” . If it’s not really in your heart then why are you going to waste your time doing photoshoots in the middle of the road and try’na get that perfect photo, just so you can make impression? That’s not really how it works lol.

Back to myself, I just really can’t believe of the things that I achieved. I still remember those times wherein some Brands are belittling me because they don’t see enough potential in me and if you are planning to get in the industry, you have to prepare yourself with a lot of rejections most especially if you are a newbie, you will start as a nobody. But when opportunity knocks, don’t hesitate and grab the chance. I remember when I was first to received an E-mail from a Phone Case Company (International Brand) I felt so proud for myself for some reasons (can’t describe haha) it was followed right away by various Local and International Brands just enough for me to get used and live with it. Now, I can’t barely count the Brands, Campaigns, and even Collaboration Shoots that I had throughout the years of Blogging. I am not ashamed to share this story to you guys because I know it’s not just me who started to idolized someone and gladly became one of my inspirations. It just proved that hard work really pays off.

Since another year is fast approaching, in 2018, I promise to be more productive, creative, innovative, and share a lot of experiences not just to make impressions but to inspire people. If you think that I’m “blessed” for being what I am today, yes I am but I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t worked hard. If it happened to me, it can happen to you as well. I hope that this short blog post made you realize to just be yourself and always push yourself to something that you love doing because in reality, no one else is going to do it for ‘ya except yourself.














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