Too Thrifty For Thrift Shops: What to find on your local Thrift Shops

Fashion is a big hit nowadays. Even those people who doesn’t care about what they’re going to wear STILL decides what to wear. In simple term, we deal with it every single day. For some people, fashion is everything. They can express their mood on a day by wearing something that they think would fit to their style and sometimes chooses to wear various style of clothing just so they can showcase their inner spirit being diverse. We are constantly being bombarded with lots of fashion trends that makes us feel that we need to be “in it” meaning, we are trying to fit in on what society requires us to do. But what if you don’t have enough budget to buy new clothes? Does it mean that you no longer have the right to catch up on the latest trends? If you are a student, y’all know how hard it is to budget your monthly allowance to buy what you want and need most especially if you are a ‘foodie’ person (like me) lol.enlight136enlight142

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During my days when I were still in High School, I used to buy clothes from different fashion outlets and the half most of my allowance are being spent on it. Personally, I’m a big fan of Forever21, H&M, Zara, Uniqlo and Oxygen that’s why I really can’t control myself once they finally released their new collections in the market. One day, when a friend and I went to Forever21, I saw these bunch of denim jackets on the rack and I felt like I was in awe. This friend of mine advised me that I should lessen my obsession with designer clothes, rather try to be thrifty and be practical. Those words might be a good advise but it affected me so much. By then on, I started going to different Thrift Stores street by street and trying to find that perfect piece for my OOTD obsession.


It really takes a huge amount of time to find that perfect piece of clothing, bag, or even shoes when doing a thrift haul. However, if you really “in it” and you really wanted to cop a good quality of clothing, shoes, or bags then it’s time to let your eyes rolling all over the place because that is what you need to get that perfect item that you’re aiming for.

When going on a Thrift Store, always make sure that you know what you are looking for. In that way it makes your “hunting moment” way easier because you know exactly which style/item you are trying to achieve. It requires a lot of patience since not all Thrift Stores are organized with the stuff that they are selling but trust me, It’s worth it.

What I like about Thrift Shopping is that you get to buy lots of stuff without worrying of how much it costs. If you have an eye for fashion then you’ll get surprised about what your local ukay shops has to offer. Usually, the items in Thrift Stores are commonly BRANDED which is an advantage for you to get your style on track and going. Another thing about Thrift Stores is that you can ask for discounts even if it comes with reasonable prices. I, personally, when I go to Ukay Shops, I always befriend the seller/s. In that way I get to ask for discounts in the total amount of the item/s that I’ve got *evil laugh*.

For others it might seem cheap or whatever but it’s a way to save money and being practical and wise. Brand nor the price doesn’t really matter. As long as you can carry yourself with confidence then that’s the most important thing to remember.

There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty or wise when it comes to money handling. I actually find it really cool because you get to ignore all the temptations from clothing brands that simultaneously releasing collections every now and then. If I were to be asked, it’s still you who has to decide on what you think is best for you. This blog post only shares my opinion and suggestions regarding keeping up with the trends on low cost. To all aspiring bloggers out there, don’t pressure yourself too much just because a lot of Bloggers are stepping their fashion game up there. Always focus on yourself and career and you’ll be surprise with what will you achieve.









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