Summer Solstice

As I promised, I will be showing you the series of my summer vacation! I know it took me a while to post this because I was so busy these past few weeks and my sched is kinda hectic but since school is rapidly approaching, here it is! Since you guys used to see me in monochromatic lifestyle, that doesn’t mean that I’m not into vivid colors believe it or not, I love going to different places with retro kind of vibe but I can’t post it on my Instagram page because that wouldn’t compliment the whole theme. Whenever school year is about to end, I always look forward in going to different beaches (of course) or any adventurous place to go to, it’s like…….. the ocean calls me for a reason lol.



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Last June 2017, my classmates and I went to a Waterpark somewhere in Laguna, I was so amused because there were lots of activities that you will probably enjoy like Wavepool, Jacuzzi, X-treme slides, Kiddie pools, and Zipline. If you’re not into extreme kind of activities you could also try the Fish spa that only costs for 50 Php. per 30 minutes.

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Tinted Sunnies from (Check ’em on Instagram!)

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The beach is a peaceful place to be in, it’s an escapade from the reality of life. Where you can contemplate while sitting on the shore feeling the waves of the ocean, hearing the serene sound of the nature.

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If you are living here in Metro, we all know how hard to wake up in the morning knowing the fact that we need to face each day with chaos but if you’re looking for peace, don’t forget that you can also find peace at the beach.

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“You will never find peace in your life as long as you’re at the beach.”



Wearing a Bleached Button-down from @zara Beach Shorts from @ZiptuckPH Sunnies from Tank top from @hm



So some of you guys have been asking what is the perfect outfit to wear when  you’re at the beach, I think anything that doesn’t makes you uncomfortable is cool enough to pull that outfit off! But usually trying something new that you’re not used to wear is cool too! Try to step out of your comfort zone and get the unique side out of you. #StyleTipsByGe

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Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Always apply sunscreen on your skin to avoid sudden skin irritation caused by the heat from the sun! Thank you Vaseline Ph for keeping me skin hydrated!

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“To go out with setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.” — Jeanne Moreau.






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