Pursuing your dreams is what makes you who you are today because it made you 100x tougher and determined. We always rely on what other people would think if we do such action but we don’t see that it doesn’t make things better, whether you do good things or not, there would be people who’ll try to drag you down despite of the good things you showed to them, that’s the reality and we can’t do anything with it unless we choose to be better person.

These past few months, I’ve relied on what other people would say if I show them the REAL me. I’ve lived the life where I’d rather be on my comfort zone than to take the risks, and I regret it. I tried to be SUPER kind but then so many people took advantage of it, I tried to extent my patience even though a I’m short-tempered person and most especially, I tried to be someone else. We’re stuck in our own shelves and we only wanted to be complimented by many just to be labeled as a ‘GOOD PERSON‘ but can’t we see how the society affect us? It even gets to the point where we just wanted to copy somebody just so we wanted to get a good feedback.



I’ve experienced being bullied back when I was at my lower grade and the feeling was somewhat strange because there were times where you feel really useless and unimportant but the one thing you can do is just to look forward and get rid of the peasants by just ignoring ’em. In my journey as a ‘blogger‘ there were people who kept on dragging me down and there were points where I thought of giving up because I thought that I’m not enough, worthy, and the type of person to look up to. But all of that random sh*ts banished because you guys made me feel special.

“It costs zero dollars to be a better person.” ~ yeppppp. Having a positive outlook in life also makes you a better person, and Johnnie Walker helped me to be THAT kind of person. As I teamed up with Johnnie Walker, I wanted to become a better version of me not for everyone but for myself. I wanted to keep myself going as I pursue what I want and just focus on the positive side of life. This year, 2017, is a great year for me (I must say) I never thought myself to be this optimistic and productive to do the things I wanted to procure this year, that’s why I’m really thankful that I’ve been a part of this growing campaign.


For more than 200 years, Johnnie Walker has inspired the world with stories of personal progress. This 2017, Johnnie Walker invites you to bring its ‘Keep Walking’ mantra to life by letting you boldly declare your own personal ambition. Studies show that it would take 21 days to build a habit, with this in mind, Johnnie Walker wanted you to build a habit by posting 21 photos on Instagram about those goals you are aiming for and how you are trying to achieve them, with this, you’ll be more inspired and motivated because every photos you post, you can see your progression and how you finally achieved your goal!

I really wanted to see your posts, so keep it coming!! Don’t forget to use the Hashtags: #JohnnieWalkerPH #JonnieWalker #KeepWalkingPH #SparkIt

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