It’s summer time!!!! Most guys must have been hitting the gym, doing marathons, yoga or whatever physical activity to shed those pounds gained during the Holidays. Yes, it takes a while. Accept it. Summer is slowly creeping in and less clothing will be worn to beat the summer heat. But what’s a great body without summer essential products to protect your skin? These are some tried and tested LEGIT products that can make your summer extra special!

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash

Every skin needs to be exfoliated to get away dead skin, and to nourish the skin to make it look radiant and healthy as always. This is my personal favorite because it provides the moisture that my skin needs and believe it or not it doesn’t have ‘greasy’ feeling.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA ++ Serum

Never underestimate the power of sunscreen. This is a non-negotiable, especially this summer. 3 modes protection for even-tone fair skin. SPF 30, 96% UVB protection. PA++: Extra UVA protection. Vitamin B3 to brighten and have that even skin tone.

Sunblock should always be in your bag everyday (in case you’ll stay too long in the sun) to avoid getting tan lines and skin problems.

Ginger & Aki Pocket Square

Made from 100% cotton, this pocket square is the perfect summer accessory for that beach wedding or that casual business meeting.

What I really like about this Pocket Square is its versatility, it can be used in any occasion plus it’s really soft, so it’s a plus point for me!

Pyodontyl Plus F Toothpaste

Specially formulated with 2 vitamins; Permenthol and Pathenol help maintain healthy gums while active fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and fight cavities. The refreshingly minty dental formula gives you fresh breath specially this hot summer season.

Skin Lab’s Charlie & The Charcoal Factory Deep Cleansing & Detoxifying Bar

Perfect for oily skin, it contains activated charcoal to effectively absorb oil, dirt, and sand particles from the beach. Balances Sebum production with nourishing Jojoba oil while clearing complexion from within.

I highly recommend you guys to use this activated charcoal soap, it really cleanses my face without even getting my skin dry! This is really good to those people who has oily skin!

ToppCock Pinned Hair Gel

It’s the perfect Hair Gel to add body to fine or thinning hair. What’s good with this product is that, it gives you that ‘wet look’ kind of look and gives you that seductive aura that will surely make you feel confident in whatever occasion you’re attending to.


The total value of the box is around PhP1,900 but subscribers pay only PhP600. Subscribe now at http://www.saladbox.ph/subscribe/men.


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  1. Thanks for the review po! ‘Now i have idea po kung ano yung mga nasa box 🙂 I just want u to know po that im one of your fans since the day i knew you po 😘


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