Hey guys! Since a lot of you have been requesting thru comments, DMs and even e-mails, the long wait is finally OVER! In this blog post, I will be sharing some tips and tricks regarding Flat lay Photography and even the app/s that I’m using. Being a student and blogger at the same time is quite hard for me but I do everything to balance my time and finish all of my tasks/deadlines and be productive as much as I can. Tbh, I never thought myself to be a ‘blogger’ but it just came along the way. I’m really grateful that I get to inspire people because of what I’m doing although it was just a hobby in the first place.

Taking pictures is really my hobby since then but as I continue venturing what I’m doing, I didn’t realized that my hobby turned into a passion and now it has been a part of myself and my career.


Going back to the topic, let’s get started! First thing’s first, what is ‘FLAT LAY Photography’ means? I assumed that most of you are familiar with the latest Instagram trend but let me give me you a short description of what Flat Lay is; “A flat lay is a picture of items or things taken from the top so as to give an impression of them laying flat on the ground.”

DISCLAIMER: I’m NO Flat Lay expert, however these are my 5 tips and tricks for you that I think would help you achieve and (hopefully) answer your questions.

Tip #1: Lighting

Substantially, the most important part of Flat laying is…….. Yep! You guessed it right, a good lighting must always be observed every time you have to take a Flat Lay photo. I always try to be creative in my Flat Lays because I wanted to produce quality ones. These are the questions I frequently received, “Where do you take them?”, “How do you get that perfect lighting?” — these questions are funny sometimes. Tbh, you can have your own spot on your place. Try to be imaginative and explore yourself around your house (duh, no one sees you standing in front of the window trying to get that perfect lighting lol)



If you’re going to shoot in a gloomy area, I tell you not attempt to do so because most probably it’s not going anywhere. Your photo will produce grains and unwanted shadows that you don’t want your followers to see (it’s no goals AT ALL.)

Tip #2: Backgrounds

Anything can be a background it depends on how you’ll work on it — let your creativity run wild! In my works, I usually make use of a whole size illustration board, faux fur, and even my bed sheet. You can make use of what you have at home but always remember that your chosen background should always compliment the tones of your subject.

Tip #3: Theme

This is one of the key to make your Flat Lay stand out! Creating a theme is a MUST (plus a caption that would fit to your photo!) you have to think of a theme where you’ll showcase your talent, creativity and even your mood because a good Flat Lay is not just about doing it right, each Flat Lay that you do should always come with a story.

In addition, selecting a theme will also make your work way easier because you just have to focus on one situation (eg. Morning routine, bed situation, skin care products, etc.) it also serves as a basis for you to make that picture perfect Flat Lay!

 Tip #4: Angle

After you achieve the perfect lighting, appropriate background and selecting a theme, we are now down to our 4th tip, the angle. In my part, I don’t usually rely in just one angle I always try to be creative and capture every angle so that I will have more options to choose from.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right angle, try to go on a ‘square mode’ that will also help you to convince yourself that you’re doing it right.

Tip #5: Editing

And finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for….. editing! This is one of my secrets to make my Flat Lays even more alluring. To find the perfect app/s to edit your photos is no easy task AT ALL but hey, I’m here to help you anyways! I always wanted my photos to look ‘natural’ as possible, I’ve been using Enlight since then in editing my photos and I just love how it transform my photos from ‘EH’ to ‘WOW’

Step 1: Choose the ‘crisp’ filter.

Step 2: Adjust the brightness/exposure and contrast.

Step 3: Lower down the saturation. But if you like the colors popping in your photo, increase the saturation a bit — it depends on your IG theme.

Step 4: Adjust the structure/sharpness. Deets are always the best! *details, that is lol.

Step 5: Lower down the shadows to achieve that monochromatic vibe.

So, that’s it guys!!!!! This is my own style of taking Flat Lay photos — this just serves as a guide to everyone who wanted to produce aesthetic photos for their feed. Hope you learned  something from me and always don’t forget to be creative and imaginative. ‘Til my next tutorial! *wink*



To see my works, you can check my Hashtag: #FlatlaysByGe

Instagram: @_Gdomingo


Was this article helpful? Share your thoughts below! 🙂


  1. Thanks for the inspiration and the “internet friendshop” ge💞 keep up the good work we love you👍 Naysss😂


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