5 Tips for Instagram Beginners

Many people are using Instagram, it’s a way to share what you’ve been up to and it also serves as your photo album. But Instagram is not just for that, you can be creative in your own way by taking lots of pictures and post them on your Instagram page. Nowadays, having a “feed goals” is a must! But if you’re having a hard time where to start, I’m here to help.

Note: All of the tips I’ll share in this blog post is just based in my opinions and convictions. I’m not saying that you should follow my tips about how to have a good Instagram page. If you want to follow these steps, that’s cool! If not, and you wanna try something else, that’s cool too!


 Tip # 1: Stop following strangers

Only follow people you know such as your favorite artists, celebrities, and bloggers. They’ll compliment your feed even more. If a certain person keeps on posting photos in the same event/place, it’s time for you to let them go, hit that ‘unfollow’ button!

Tip # 2: Do not be a Hashtag hoarder

We all know that hashtag is important to get your photo prominent, but using three (3) or more hashtags could ruin your photo and caption. Instead of putting many hashtags in your caption, try to put hashtags in the comment section where it is not visible to your followers.

Tip # 3: Have a posting schedule 

If you’re a person who post lots of photos everyday (like me), think about it because based on my experience, I used to upload photos simultaneously which sometimes I’m running out of photos to upload. Having a posting schedule will also help you gain likes in your recent uploaded photo *wink.

Another tip: there are apps now that control your posting schedule.

Tip # 4: Go public

This one is up to you, if you’re avoiding someone, go private if not, go public. This will help you to have a better engagement because you’re exposed and by that, people might follow your page.

Tip # 5: ENJOY 

If you’re just starting, just enjoy sharing your precious moments and your skill in photography. Don’t get too intimidated by so many ‘Instagram famous’ out there, they started to be as a fan too and you can be like them too.


I hope that these tips and tricks will help you to have a better Instagram page. Let me know if this is helpful, comment down below!

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