The World’s First Commuter Shoes

“Always on the go with my Stylish and Comfy Commuter Shoes.”
Some shoes were made for specific purposes. Each with different impacts on our body frame starting with the feet. Using shoes not intended for its purpose can cause stress, and in the long run, injury. We commuters exhibit this behavior the most by wearing shoes based on fashion trends, unmindful that we begin to accept footwear unsuitable for the daily-grind. That is why Medal Of Valor designed The World’s First Commuter Shoes. Aims to provide the right shoe for the commuters, us, the daily go-getters.
Tried this Commuter Shoes for the first time and I’m loving it.

As a Student-Style Blogger, I personally find commuting fun because I get to see lots of things and discover new things. I’d rather take Jeepney than a fancy cab because I’m a miserly person *lol. I hate spending huge amount of money just for an expensive fare knowing that I could get to a certain place without spending lots of money. I always commute back and forth, from house to school and vice-versa, my feet use to sore always and sometimes, I can’t even handle the pain. Since I chose to be in the field of “Fashion and Style”, I’m obligated to have “Photoshoot Day” at least once a week usually my allotted day for that is during Weekends.

Front View

I’m currently a Grade 11 Student in St. Andrew’s School of Paranaque and being a Blogger at the same time is not that easy, REALLY. That’s why I do really balance my time having Photoshoots. I’m more than happy and blessed to have a chance and privilege to try this pair of Commuter Shoes, and I could say that they’re not just for commuting but also for a long-walk trips!I love how this Commuter Shoes complement my personality and style because it’s very versatile I can use it in any occasions and weather!

“Repel excuses, whatever weather, Medal of Valor got your back!.”

Right Side-View

Through continuous research on footwear, only Medal of Valor was able to assemble a shoe that has the technology to support the commuter, and withstand the daily-grind. Gone are the materials unnecessary for the commute that can’t give real support.

Left Side-View

If you wish to have one, don’t hesitate to get one because there are 3 colors to choose from (Base Black, Braun Lite and Rail Blue)

Want to know more about Medal of Valor?

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